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New year, New you!

Welcome to 2015! How many of you made New Years Resolutions? How many of you made a resolution to get fit, tackle those extra kgs? There’s no better time than now to start something new. Instead of forgetting about those resolutions like you do every other year, why not get up off the couch and get involved in some of the fun and social local fitness classes available in the region. Stop with the excuses! There are a range of classes, PT’s, times and locations available so there should be something to suit everyone.

If its motivation you are after then why not join a bootcamp. They are reasonably priced and not only will you be motivated by working out alongside a variety of different people but you will also have the added bonus of being outdoors and enjoying some fresh air. Jennah Lunghusen runs bootcamp sessions in Cohuna, Leitchville, Gunbower and Macorna and says ‘all my sessions are run outdoors! I strongly believe that exercise is a great time to spend in the fresh air!’

If the great outdoors isn’t your thing then Rob West is running a number of classes for Westy’s Fitness at Westy’s Shed. The shed sessions are indoors and ‘consist of a thorough warm up involving dynamic mobility and flexibility exercises. this is followed by a circuit based around a number of exercises. Last but not least a finisher which will have you burning calories throughout the day’. Certainly not for the faint hearted but a sure fire way to build muscle and fitness.

RC Fitness in Koondrook also offer a more private style bootcamp. Located at Rachele Camps house she posts times and dates regularly for sessions on her Facebook page (see below for the link).

Perhaps a group session may not be your thing? Why not book in for Personal Training sessions! Usually one-on-one (butt you can sometimes do them with a friend so check with your trainer first) these sessions are designed around your specific need and are designed to whip you into shape.

The majority of these sessions are paid for upfront in bulk which adds as extra motivation to attend for those slackers of you who drop off after a few sessions. Rachel Robertson offers classes in Koondrook/Barham and also offers daily motivation on social media. For those of you who are not yet confident enough to take a class why not follow her on Facebook or Instagram and checkout her #rachrobertsonfit for daily challenges and inspiration.

Local Cohuna girl Kylie Lyons made the decision to get active last year and joined Dyehard Fitness with Ashton Dye. She has incorporated a healthy living philosophy into her daily lifestyle and has not regretted the decision. “Basically, number one thing is I have A LOT more energy & I’m enjoying the heathy eating! On another note, my weight lose has helped with better sleeping routine and little to no back pain. I enjoy my walks and bike riding and I have recently brought a kayak, so can’t wait to get out on the water more“.

As you can see there are classes and sessions to suit everyone so it’s time to stop making excuses and start getting into shape. Who knows you might even enjoy yourself and meet some new friends along the way!



OUTDOOR FITNESS; (all sessions are 45-60 mins. Please bring a towel, drink of water & grunt to each session!) -Gunbower: Monday 6pm -Leitchville: Wednesday 6pm -Macorna: Wednesday 7:30pm -Cohuna: Thursday 6pm

GROUP SESSIONS; (spots for these are limited so secure your time ASAP!) -Make your own group. -Sessions are held at Jennah’s house. -Can accommodate up to 5 people per group. -Include fortnightly body measurements and healthy e-recipe books. -Cost $40/session to be divided by e persons in the group.

ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS; -Personalized sessions for those who want their bitt kicked! -You will have Jennah’s undivided attention the whole time so there will be no getting away with anything! -Held from Jennah’s house. -Cost $15 for 30 mins, $25 for 1hr or $35 for 1.5hrs.

CONTACT JENNAH; 0435 760 002


1hr session is $15 or $120 for 10 sessions.

COHUNA-6am Morton Garner Pavilion Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Fridays.

WESTY’S SHED ( 368 Thompson Bridge Rd.) 6:15pm Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Thursdays

CONTACT ROB; 0418543443 Facebook:


Follow RC FITNESS on Facebook for details on session times and motivation at


follow Rach on Facebook or Instagram for motivation and daily challenges using the hashtag #rachrobertsonfit


-group sessions or one-on-one.

-Contact Ashton on 0448545640 for more info.



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