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‘Feast in the Field


The girls from Mack+Mills had an idea. They had it for a while now actually, to showcase what they can offer in our local area. With a free weekend on their calendar on November 22nd they took they plunge and the results were nothing short of stunning.

Leonie & Kiralee wanted a feast spectacular to showcase their event styling capabilities linked in with our regions heritage and local produce. In order to do this the girls approached Kylie from The Long Paddock about catering and it just so happened Kylie had a free paddock that was perfectly suited to the event on her farm.

With the date set the girls set about organizing the styling. The stunning trestles were made of 100 year old floorboards sourced from a homestead in Kerang, seated with mismatched chairs and set with mismatched crockery. Candles, fairy lights and spotlights in the bushes provided the only lighting for the feast with beautiful effect as guests passed the evening away to the sounds of Sam Azzopardi who sang for the evening. (there were also couches made of hay bales & calico but they didn’t survive the weather)




The threat of rain didn’t scare away the 62 guests who had booked in for the feast and they were not disappointed. While the girls managed to source gazebos for. The red gum food group the weather decided to play along and by 8pm the weather was perfect for the evening-no flies or mozzies either which was a bonus!

What about the food I can hear you asking? The ever-talented Kylie lined the table with food platters and guests were treated to a host of amazing local produce including Bundarra Berkshires Pork & Olsen Park Dorpa Lamb.



By showcasing what they can offer, and indeed what our local community has to offer, the girls from Mack+Mills hope to inspire more local weddings and events. This region has so much to offer and the girls want to show that with a little imagination and creativity you can turn an empty paddock, some old floorboards and mismatched chairs & crockery into a simply breathtaking scenery. These events support our whole community, something that we at local here cannot support enough. So if you have an upcoming event, instead of looking elsewhere why not talk to the girls at Mack+Mills and create your very own event right here with the assistance of the talented stylist at Mack+Mills.






These stunning photos were taken by local mag favorite Jenni Finn.


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