New high quality skin care range available at Skin Essence Beauty Therapy


After weeks of people telling me I was looking ‘a bit tired’, which lets be honest is not the most flattering of comments, I finally decided to do something about it. I called into Skin Essence Beauty Therapy in Koondrook and spoke to the girls there about their new range of pharmaceutical grade products-Kerstin Florian.

I sampled the eye cream, which is a brightening cream that promises to help with those dark bags under the eyes. I will admit even I was skeptical with the bags I have been carrying of late.

I also took home samples of the intensive renewal glycolic 15, complete daily cleanser, rescue cream and a serum C+ Infusion. That night and the following morning I put them to the test.

Thankfully I had been warned about the ‘tingling sensations’ that the intensive renewal glycolic 15 causes otherwise I may have been a bit wary but apparently it is eating away the dead skin.

Needless to say my skin was the best it has been in weeks and feels amazing! I even had someone tell me my skin was glowing (and no not in that way!)I will be stocking up on some of the products, starting with the eye cream.

If you are having problems with your skin-red cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, rashes etc, do yourself a favor and pop in and speak with the girls about a product to suit you:)


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