Caroline Ellis Art Workshops

I recently received an email from Caroline Ellis who is running a series of workshops from her PAXart Gallery Mystic Park. We love Caroline’s work here at Local Mag and recommend everyone interested get in touch with this talented artist. Please see the email below from Caroline for all the details.

Kids workshop Monday the 8th of July and an adult workshop on
Sunday the 14th .

**Please note the adult workshop has been moved to the following Sunday, now
the 14th .

I have been asked to run a photography course. Please express your
interest! I would like to run it over 2 weekends, two Sundays. I am
thinking the last Sunday of August and first of September.

The cost will be $120 for the two sessions. The sessions will be three
hours each (travel included in this time), one on the Murray and one at the
Marsh, focusing on “Natural, Creative photography” and getting the most out
of your camera. Also included in the three hours will be a “brief,”; 15
minute session on photo manipulation (photo shop etc.), for those that are
interested. This photo manipulation aspect may be followed up with a third
session if interest is high.

Details on art workshops: The following workshops will be held at PAXart
Gallery Mystic Park (please see flier below):

Water Colour Workshop July

Children: Monday 8th July


**Adults: Changed to Sunday 14th July


Please note Term 3 Art Classes

Adults: Tuesday or Wednesday 10am-12pm

Start July 30th

Children: Wednesday or Friday 4:30pm-5:30pm

Start 17th July

Further details ph: 0408 500 451

Or visit


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