New transformation challenge at Stayfit Kerang


Wanting to kick a few kilos, beat the winter bulge and be in shape for summer this year? Well now is the time to start doing something about it and the new transformation challenge at Stayfit Kerang is the ideal place to start.

I was part of the very first challenge at Stayfit and managed to kick over 7kg. Since then with every challenge they have run, the kg’s and centimeters lost have steadily increased.

So instead of sitting at home on the couch this winter and being disappointed come summer how about joining up. It’s great value for money, the classes are a lot of fun and you will feel better about yourself.

Details are below. Also for all the new mums out there be sure to check out the mums and bubs group deal. $130 for a full 3 month membership, a saving of $50! (offer valid until 14/06/2013)


Check out some of the fabulous results from the previous challenge.


Below is the winner from the last challenge Melissa Hunter.


And here is a picture of my transformation from December 2011 to December 2012 thanks to Stayfit Kerang!



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