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Vintage Photobooths

A few weeks back now I had the privilege of meeting up with Alison, my VCE art teacher. As a visual art student looking to paint my way through life Alison was a big influence on the end of my school years. It was therefore an absolute pleasure to see her making waves locally with her newest ventures, one of which is the exciting vintage photo booths which are popping up at weddings and events everywhere. Below Alison explains a little more about the interesting venture…

Allison here from Vintage Photobooths!
I wanted to introduce myself and welcome you to my world of belly laughs and nostalgia.
There’s something exciting about being in a confined space behind a curtain, where you’re free to be as smiley, sexy or silly as you want to be! Embrace the nostalgia and new phenomenon in events: that is Vintage Photobooths!!

With a vintage fit out inspired by the Art Deco opulence of yester-year and loaded with state of the art digital and printing equipment, a Vintage Photobooth experience is like no other. Featuring a wide angled lens system and portrait lighting, this photobooth is far from the arcade booths you will find at other functions. A Vintage Photobooth is designed for events and is a unique photography and entertainment solution! A Vintage Photobooth can seat 4 adults comfortably (squeeze in 8!)

Brilliant fun, belly aching laughs and nostalgia all in one!

Vintage Photobooths is now a national company with franchised outlets in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and South Australia. All conceived here in Echuca and still proudly run from our local Vintage Photobooth Head Office on the Murray river.

I encourage you to visit our website at so you can further explore the range of possibilities and to check out the fun that has been happening behind the red curtain this season!

x Allison







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