Cage Fitness & Shadow Boxing


As you know I was hooked after my first Cage Fitness class so I was very excited when Kirsten announced that not only were the Fit Republic girls coming to run another class but they were going to do a shadow boxing class also! And only for an extra $5!

Now Il be honest-I had no idea what shadow boxing was but it sounded fun if slightly painful.

Luckily Lisa brought fellow instructor Charlotte with her this time as there was a very large turnout. We were able to split into 2 groups and have a turn at both classes. I started with the Shadow boxing which I would describe as a mix of boxing and aerobics using resistance bands. Although we looked a bit silly it was a hell of a lot of fun and a damn good workout, especially for the triceps which I always struggle with! It is structured the same as the Cage Fitness class and broken up into 5 minute intervals which makes the time fly.

After this we went on to do the Cage Fitness class which I will admit was significantly harder having just done Shadow Boxing! But still enjoyable and I’m beginning to look forward to a good ‘ground & pound’ session after a long day at work.

It was great to see a large number of people re-attending the sessions as well as lots of new faces. If others are interested be sure sure to let Kirsten know so we can make these classes a more regular thing.





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