Cage Fitness in Cohuna

As the sun set last night at the Cohuna Recreation Reserve a group of 30 of us stood anxiously out in the middle of the oval with 10kg or 20kg bags awaiting our first Cage Fitness experience.

We were a mixed group, men & women aging from teens upwards, from Cohuna, Kerang & surrounds & none of us quite knew what to expect as our instructor Lisa explained we were about to undertake 5 sets of 5 minute high intensity workouts. Each workout focuses on a different body area starting with a warm up, then onto arms, legs, core and finishing up with abs.

The 5 minute workouts are divided into 45 second exercises, most of which incorporate the weight bags, and each is finished with a ground and pound session where you jump on your bag and literally pound it with your fists (or elbows or knees, whatever really).

Not only was it one of the best, and frankly most taxing, workouts I have experienced in a while it was a whole lot of fun. Being in the outdoors with a group of people made for a fun fitness experience.

Despite the differences in age & fitness levels everyone was able to complete the workout and get a lot out of it. Plus everyone walked away happy with the experience.

A big thank you to Kirsten McNamara who organized the whole thing. Kirsten is currently organizing another session for Monday 29th April. For anyone interested you can message Kirsten on facebook or contact local and we will let Kirsten know.

For the instructors to come from Bendigo there needs to be at least 30 people paid up and willing to participate before the day of the event so be sure to let Kirsten know early.

Get a group of friends together or even just bring yourself along, it’s better than sitting on the couch on a Monday night & it is the most fun 30 minutes of fitness!


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