Issue 5: Local Designs

Lyndsey and Jordan’s loving restoration of their family home { from page 16, Issue 5, Local Magazine}

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1. How long has the restoration taken and what has it included so far?

We bought the house in February 2006 and spent a busy 12 months toiling away, completely gutting and rebuilding it from the stumps up to turn this condemned house into our home. So far the original part of the house, which once included 3 bedrooms, large hallway and a living room, has been redesigned to keep the 3 bedrooms, hall way and living room, with the addition of a bathroom. The back of the old house had a kitchen, a built in veranda and a bathroom/laundry, which have been demolished and a new area build which houses an open kitchen/lounge/dining area, a laundry, a master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe and an outside entertainment area. The extension is still very much a work in progress, with the kitchen being installed recently; however we still have a long way to go.

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2. What is your favourite feature of the house?

We have a few favourites! The original lead light in the bay window and the front door are something that we took great care to have restored and reinstalled as they were such a stand out feature for us. The timber fretwork in the hallway is another original feature that was restored and replaced once the hallway renovation was done, and we love the 12 foot ceilings which we’ve continued throughout the extension to keep with the style of the original house.

3. There seems to be a lot of historic and antique styling in the furnishing of the house, what are you influenced by?

I’m influenced by the era of the house. As far as we know, the house was moved to Cohuna in the very early 1900’s from Eaglehawk, so when we started work on the house, we decided it would be restored, furnished and styled to suit the era in which it was build to the best of our abilities. My dream furnishing and styling is still a long way off but we will get there once the structural and cosmetic work is complete.

4. Do you source or restore the furniture found in your home?

We do source some of our furniture from vintage, second hand and antique shops. Some furniture we have restored or up-cycled in some way, while other furniture we have in storage waiting for the day when we can afford to restore it. There’s also some furniture in the house that we can’t wait to get rid of because it just doesn’t work, but it’s OK for the kids for now.

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5. We know you are a talented artist, tell us a bit about your artistic style and some of the pieces that feature in your home?

My artistic style is a little bit abstract and quirky, and I like colour and shape! I think art is subjective, you know what you like, you know what you don’t like, and it just so happens that I like crazy abstract stuff!
 The brown canvas hanging in my entry is not an original artwork, but an appropriation I painted as an assessment when I studied fine art at Uni. The task was to choose a famous piece of art and make a replica, so of course I chose my favourite paining, and possibly the most difficult, which was Marcel Duchamp’s 1912 Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2. I lived and breathed this painting for 6 months, which is why it will always feature somewhere prominent in our home. 
I have a few other paintings in storage at home until I have space to display them properly and the Cohuna Art Gallery also has two of my pieces on display.

You can see all of my work on my blog: lyndseyquinlanart@blogspot.com.au

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