Dancing With The Stars

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Dancing with the stars

By Georgia Callow

It was early in 2012 when I was approached about participating in dancing with the star red carpet evening. I was interested but knew I had an uphill battle trying to convince my partner in crime, as we didnʼt even dance at our wedding. As it turned out I didnʼt have to do much convincing as the lovely organizers of this event turned on their charm and Rick agreed to participate.

I was fairly excited about the idea, but as we arrived out at the Golf Club for our first training nerves had started to kick in and I was thinking what have I got myself into. I had visions of myself flat on my back after I had taken a very ungraceful dive in a room full of people. When we got inside I was relieved to discover that the other members of the 2012 event were feeling the same. I’ve always loved a dance on a night out or around the kitchen with the music blaring but I quickly felt way out of my depth. We put our faith and lack of dancing ability into the very qualified hands of dancing diva Courtney Guy.

Courtney was amazing through out the whole experience, donating countless hours of her time to the “dancing wanna beʼs”. She was always so encouraging and full of praise although many times I secretly thought she was just being very nice. We twisted, turned, dipped and cocarached around the dance floor trying desperately to not become dancing road kill and to look some what in time to the music.

As the weeks of training past our skills gradually improved and our routines started to come together slowly but surely. The camaraderie between all of the couples was great and wednesday nights became very social. As the date quickly approached the couples started the to agonize about what to wear for the big night. The reality was setting in the night was nearly here. In a blink of an eye the 8 weeks of training was finished and the night had arrived ready or not. I was terrified. Not nervously excited, but pit of the stomach terrified, as the visions of me falling face first onto the dance floor played out in my head.

After much primping and preening we arrived out at the Golf Club at 6.30pm in our Red Carpet gear and quickly made our way to the bar for a little bit of pre-dancing dutch courage. We knew that we were the last couple to dance which made me even more nervous, but also a little relieved as were had 3 hours before we had to dance. As the old saying goes time flies when your having fun and before we knew it Courtney was tapping us on the shoulder and all the dancers were sent off to change into their dancing costumes. We all crowded into a small office and were quickly changing into our costumes. The stress was mounting for some, but I was now feeling excited about getting the opportunity to watch all the other couples dance.

Annie and Shane were the first couple to dance and they did a great job. The crowd were so encouraging and supportive and the judges were funny and creative. It made me relax. Tracey and Simon blitzed the dance floor with their amazing dance skills and Sam and Laura wowed the crowds with their obvious chemistry, costumes and lack of costumes at the the end of their routine and then it was our turn. As Courtney gave her little speech about us, we walked onto the dance floor. Full of nerves, excitement and trepidation. The time had arrived. In a blur the music had started, we had danced, albeit with a couple mistakes, we had completed our Ricky Martin salsa routine unscathed. The crowd roared wildly. I was so relieved.

The judges went off to carry out their official duties of deciding who the overall winner would be. Which would be decided by overall fundraising by each couple and crowd applause. I wasnʼt fussed about being the winner on the night I was just happy to have completed the dance, but as icing on the cake Rick and I were lucky enough to be named winners of the annual Dancing with the Stars for 2012.


Dancing with the stars is proudly sponsored by Local Magazine.



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