Life’s a Disco for our Local Theatre Group

Life’s a Disco for our Local Theatre Group

When you delve into the archives of shows performed by Golden Rivers Theatre Group over the past 20 years you’ll find love stories, epic battles, comical pays and musical classics.

But we are yet to see a musical packed with over 30 classic seventies floor fillers, flared trousers and glitter-ball spinning action…until now.

This year our local stars are bringing to life Disco Inferno; a musical celebration of the everlasting spirit of the decade that brought us platform shoes, paired with an entertaining storyline set in the summer of 1976.

The story revolves around the lead character ‘Jack’ who dreams of fame, fortune and success. Just as Jack’s ‘burning’ desire to make it in the music business gets the better of him he meets the strange and mysterious ‘Lady Marmalade’ who offers him everything he’s dreamed of for the small price of his soul.  

Can’t you tell this is going to work out well? 

As the story evolves Jack starts to wish he could turn back time… if only he could make one more deal, trading all his new success for something far more important… the love of his life.  With a hilarious script and some well-known 70’s favourites, this musical is the perfect show to showcase our local talent; both through lead characters and the chorus who will also play a starring role throughout by bringing the disco tunes to life.

Golden Rivers Theatre Group are soon to commence rehearsals for Disco Inferno readying a show that will no doubt leave audiences grinning with fond or even new memories of a sensational era.  

If musicals are generally down the bottom of your list in the theatre genre this one just might change your mind….or at the very least make you tap your feet!

Disco Inferno will be showing at the Faulkner Pavilion in Barham in August, so keep an eye on the Groups’ website for ticketing info closer to the date. http://www.grtg.com.au 

Courtney Guy


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