Jimmy & The Mirrors


 Jimmy and the Mirrors @ the Commercial Hotel (Sporties) Kerang – 18/01/2013 

To be completely honest with you, I hadn’t heard of Jimmy and the Mirrors prior to them coming to town, but considering how rare it is for us to get live bands play here, I was super excited to check out this original Adelaide outfit.

From the little amount of research I did prior to the gig, I was under the impression that this was your standard four-piece rock/pop band. So you can understand my surprise when about seven or eight guys wearing face paint and floral shirts emerged onstage. Not quite what I was expecting!

And were my expectations blown in the most spectacular of ways. Right from the start J&TM looked like they were having a blast, which in turn, had a similar effect on the crowd. It didn’t take long before a few keen punters took to the dance floor, armed with tambourines (myself included) and joined in the mayhem.

These guys exude passion and joy on stage. It is obvious they have learned their craft the old fashioned way – by getting out on the road and playing gig after gig. Their experience really shows through their confidence on stage.

Self-described as “Adelaide’s premier party band” J&TM clearly enjoy what they do. But don’t let all this talk of loud shirts and exuberance distract you – these guys are not some mediocre hipsters straight out of Dad’s garage, just here to have a good time. They are all superbly talented musicians in their own right – clearly experienced multi-instrumentalists who share vocal, guitar, keyboards and even drumming duties.

But the real test of a great band lie in their songs. J&TM float effortlessly between punchy pop rock anthems and tender Paul Kelly/Bob Dylan-esque ballads. Jimmy and his cohorts write mature, catchy pop with sweet, subtle hooks and harmony-laden sing-along choruses. They sound familiar yet like nothing else you’ve ever heard – all at the same time. Perhaps that’s because unlike so many up-and-coming young bands, they are not trying to be anybody but themselves.

In between sets the band mingled with the crowd, proving they are not only great musicians, but intelligent and humble guys to boot. My instincts tell me you won’t find J&TM resting on their laurels, hanging out at some hip inner-city bar, waiting to be swept from obscurity to super stardom. They’ll be playing at the local dive, finetuning their sound and playing to anyone who will listen.

They finish off the night with a few covers, including Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ much to my delight.

I awoke the next morning with an incredible headache, bruised hip and thigh, and a nasty blister on my finger, all from my enthusiastic dancing and tambourine-playing efforts. A sure sign of a good night and well worth the pain!

Jimmy and the Mirrors ‘Hard To Find’ EP available on itunes.

Check out their facebook page for more music and info: www.facebook.com/jimmyandthemirrors



One thought on “Jimmy & The Mirrors

  1. Hi Elise, what a great article!! You have described the night exactly as it was, I’m glad you enjoyed the night as much as we enjoyed hosting it.
    Mathew Chamberlain
    Manager, Kerang Sports & Entertainment Venue

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